Paul McInally is 45's owner and resident engineer, having built the studio to spec with every element of the studio aiding his recording process. Whilst producing, his input can be vast, regularly contributing ideas whilst invariably building tracks to a large, organic sound - his production trait.

Paul has produced music for over 13 years, having previously worked largely in rock, hip-hop and electronic music whilst freelance and has since recorded an eclectic range of genres such as orchestral and string compositions; including the soundtrack to a BAFTA-winning film, R&B, country, jazz and contemporary folk.

Since the studio was established 8 years ago, Paul has worked on releases with:
Florence + The Machine, Kid Ink, The Amazing Snakeheads, Nina Nesbitt, The Lapelles, Retro Video Club, Rory Fresco, Hit The Lights, The Van T's, Rebekah Kirk, Quick, Blair Coron, The Wakes, Canary Gold, Factotum Films, Juliann Alexander, Plush, Bloodlines, Lyra Ensemble, LYLO, DIVIDES, The Wound Review, Tim Courtney, Future Glue, Snack Villain, Sugarspun, Book Klub, Sonic Templars, TeenCanteen, Russell Stewart, Purple Phantom, Mark Sharp & The Bicycle Thieves, EDA (Eat Dr. Ape), SAINTS, Bubbatrees, The Carloways, Black Rays, Static Union, Lizzie Reid, King Of Birds, The Good Arms, Oceans, Up The Dancin', Facendo Cose, Parvus AC, Vansleep, Graeme Quinn, Thula Borah, PACATMOS, The Nickajack Men, Crow's Feet, Who Olivia?, Palmiros, DOLOS, Common Ground, BLOOM, Jackalope, In Wrecks, Hunt / Gather, The Dunts, Rest & Be Thankful, Chris Andreucci, Martyazz Jazz Ensemble, The Sinking Feeling, Bright Side, UNDO, The Preventers, Black & White Boy, Ross Woodhouse, Saboteurs, Fox Meat, Huevo and the Giant, Kamora, Anna Sweeney, The Twisted Melons, Two Towns Apart, Calum Gilligan, The Northern, The Mona Lisa's, Strawberry Wine, Kendà Nagasäki, Mistake Pageant, The Legs of Abraham, The Motion Poets, E Karika Djal, Between Mockingbirds, Two Years In Russia, Benjamin Ellis, Tacado, the Pavilion Theatre, Fiona Soe Paing and Caledonian Voices //// Universal Music Group, Domino Recording Company, EMI Group, BBC, Channel 4, Greentrax Recordings, Tha Alumni Music Group, Spiral Oh, Good/Careful, Valuable Recordings, Native Publishing, Dead Beet Records, Struggletown Records, Bloc+ Music, A Badge Of Friendship, Neu Reekie, Art For Blind Records, Barely Regal Records, Talisman Records, TNS Records, Black Lake Records and Time As A Color.


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